Thursday, June 29, 2006

I meant to start this properly today but it's nearly 11. tea must be drunk. lenses must come out of eyes before they stick. must check cat not in baby's room (wilycat likes to sleep under cot). must do online banking. lest we forget. no desperate housewives waiting for me on the skyplus this evening. work resonably satifying today. points were scored by the forces of good this morning although doubtless only matter of time before those points turn into points and stick us in the arse. nearly got into trouble for sympathising with forces of evil. well, empathising. but they really don't make things easy for themselves, pretending they toil thanklessly on a different planet to the rest of us mortals. would be good to keep foot in both camps, since they seem to appreciate my grasp of their language but must take care not to alienate the mother ship. Elsewhere,am trying v hard not to be annoyed with lifelong friend who has cancelled a special treat she promised offspring on the grounds that she had an unexpected invitation that clashed. Perhaps she thinks offspring too young to notice. She's wrong. The eigth deadly sin is to break promises to children.
Anyone for CBT? It's been recommended to me for the basket of collywobbles. Have ordered Mind over Mood, supposedly the book on the subject before I go further. Anything has to be better than the Beardy One leaning earnestly forward with head on one side saying "so, how did that make you feel?" Peeeeerlease.


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