Friday, October 27, 2006

Worse than a song stuck in my head. Grrrr.

Not sure if it's worse though. since that post this morning about doors and the photographing of same? done nothing but think about the doors in my house. and their handles. and whether thay hang straight. or close. and shit.

So THANKYOU Word Girl, for helping me not work this afternoon so I could get all angsty about doors. Which, I have to say, int he list priorities since moving ito the bloody house two years ago, have not been high on the agenda. What with the three falling down ceilings and floods at wotnot. As of today - forget the damp in the cellar, or that the play/dining/room room really could use a new roof. Forget the planning and the budgetting on those puny projects. I MUST HAVE NEW DOORS. I MUST HAVE THEM NOW.

Our house has some horrible doors. not necessarily horrible in their own right, just inappropriate, possibly. Locationally challenged, lets say. And where we have a lovely door - an old original pine door, for example - the previous owners saw fit to attach to it the Door Handle of Evil. THey stick out too far and try to bite your boob, kick your kidneys and generally maim any part of you they can reach. And this is a house of narrow hallways, which means you're pretty much covered in bruises the whole time. And. Also. they can hook themselves throguh your belt loops, or pockets, or jumper sleeves, causing you to whip around at high speed, smacking your head, dropping whatever you're carrying, ripping holes . . . .

Two years I tell you!! Two years I've been livign with these handles, and only today have they become intolerable.

We have old doors, new doors, dark doors, unstained doors, really skinny doors with high handles, really skinny doors with low no handle holes, a back door we can't use and a cat door.

A bunch of doors in fact. That I can't show you because, repulsived by my defficient doors, is having none of this uploading photos business. Grrrrr.


At 6:59 pm, October 28, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Believe it or not this is the THIRD time I've tried to comment. (The first time there was something going on with blogger, then there was some other error message I'd never seen before...) So now that I can comment, it feels a little, well, like what I have to say is maybe not worth all that effort. And what I was going to say is: I love my front door. I never knew I'd be so thrilled with a door. It is the original door to our 1904 house and is a lovely, oversized thing with a built-in window and nice knob. (The grandson of the original owner told us the knobs are original too - he remembered them when he came for a visit.)

Ahem. Seems like a silly thing to mention. Oh well.

At 9:17 pm, November 04, 2006, Blogger Red Rollerskate said...

I'm sorry that this knob hurt you. At least it *looks* pretty.

Our doors have all sorts of smudges and goobers on them, but, um, that's all.

About your other door photos, maybe you could upload them at, and then copy and paste the second line of HTML text (I think it says "tag"). I want to see your other doors.


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