Wednesday, December 05, 2007

saw the big shrink lady yesterday.

i've developed a theory.

the more difficult i find it to answer her questions, the more drugs she gives me.

yesterday she upped my antipsychotics by


And the date of my next appointment? My six weekly check in?

The same day my doubtless soon to be ex boss wants to see me in another part of the country to discuss "whether there are any projects for me in 2008."

How's that for a choice?

Forgive the self indulgent nature of this post. it doesn't become me.

Not really a fitting final post for 2007.

Bear with me.


At 6:30 pm, December 05, 2007, Blogger HerImperialMajesty said...

Courage ma fille. Easy to type (and only in french becasue my blogger page is tonight) but not easy to achieved. So good of boss to be supportive when familial crises arise. what a big and feeling guy. i see le Creuset pans and his head colliding.
My giant kisses are of no assistance whatever.
But try to keep sight that it's defo them and not us

At 9:14 pm, December 06, 2007, Blogger lildb said...

always. I'll always bear with you. I find it a pretty easy load, frankly.

At 7:09 pm, December 08, 2007, Blogger nonlineargirl said...

It should not have to be a choice - you should not have to choose mental health or job. I imagine you can make a different date for your appointment if you tell the doc about your conflict. As rigid as they can be, docs usually respond to real conflict (not like hairdressers).

At 4:17 am, December 10, 2007, Blogger Lisa said...

Have been thinking of you and wanted to check in... "hi."

Sending you hugs, lady.


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