Wednesday, July 05, 2006

was not as wafty as anticipated. much more professional than those i've previously experienced. only thing that bothers me after initial meeting is that she has asked my permission to write to my GP to inform him that i'm undergoing counselling. as a professional courtesy. I'm not sure I'm happy about that as have not been over whelmed by professionalism of Gp to date and their judgemental ways and fear this would only exacerbate future encounters. I liked it that she was basically unreactive, but seemed to be concentrating quite hard. She practising something called psychodynamic counselling. sounds a bit energetic if you ask me. She has a friendly grey cat, so she can't be all bad.
Had dinner with old friends last night which made me homesick for my old stomping ground and for the breadth of experience i used to have in my daily life. comforting sights and sounds and smells just on the way to their house, let alone walking through the old neighbourhood. resisted urge to walk by old house to peer through windows. Soon i'll be back in the land of monoculture, where they know what they like, how they've always liked it and far be in from any newcomers to suggest anythign different. lest they be spurned. as a rabid dog. with fleas.

Ken Lay died. seems like some kind of tragic anticlimax for his family. a cruel twist in their lives.


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