Friday, September 29, 2006

Why am I always the last to know?

Has Your skin "suffered" from city living?
Does it appear dull and lacklustre?
Then it'[s] time to give your skin a boost of freshness

No surprises so far, eh?

Rediscover the pleasure of water-activated cleansing with . . .

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Rediscover the pleasure of water-activated cleansing


1. Rediscover? What on earth was I supposed to have been doing with my face all this time? and 2. water-activated? ACTIVATED? Because the water marches right on up here and, what, scrubs behind my ears?

Is this one of things that I can blame my mother for? That not only did she fail to talk me through the small stuff, you know, menstruation, lipstick, deodorant and store card interest rates, but she entirely failed to warn me about the perils of washing my face with water.

My face has been swimming in filth for 34 years - this explains EVERYTHING!!!!


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