Thursday, November 09, 2006

It Shouldn't Be Allowed
Aversion Therapy
Oh Oh By Georgio

There was once this man. This English man, about 15 years my senior, who I met on his 42nd birthday over a decade ago, at a work-related event in Miami. This man who I lusted after as I had never lusted before. Lusted to the point where the occassional day dream about him on the train or bus could have me missing my stop by miles. He was never any kind of boyfriend/partner material, but he was (is, as far as I know - we share a very occassional email from different continents) very funny, very smart and, did I mention? mouthwateringly lustworthy.

Anyway. this was all longish ago. We met several times for dinner and drinks over several years (we were both working internationally, so our paths rarely crossed in the flesh. as twere) After three or four years of this, there was finally The Kissing and then, another year or so later, there was The Sex. And then, various circumstances meant we didn't have reason to be in the same place much, or had other commitments, we've met briefly once or twice, but nothing more physical ever happened. (He emailed me earlier this year (again from another continent) and asked if I "fancied an affair". Which was strangely disappointing (though i confess my heart raced for a few seconds) and I told him he should have his midlife crissis with someone who enjoyed his company less). I don't think he's really crossed my mind since then.

Anyway. This man always wore the same cologne, Armani Gio.

Sooooooo - and i'm getting to the actual story here -

Yesterday I was on the tube, and I got off to join the throng shuffling along the platform

as i inhaled, my breath caught in my throat, my skin was tantalised, agonising in anticipation, icy . . I could feel his melting tongue . . . .I could feel . . heat . . I gasped, mouth watering, struggling to focus, and who did i see standing beside me?

No - of course it wasn't! it was some random, dough-faced ugly bloke.

Needless to say, everything snapped up tighter than .. .. well . . . I don't know tighter than what. But so tight I was likely a half inch taller, that's all I'm saying!


At 6:17 pm, November 09, 2006, Anonymous emma said...

What a sexy story. Delicious. How did he think you two could have an affair in separate continents? Cyber sex?

At 6:47 pm, November 09, 2006, Blogger dodo said...

i think he thought he'd sweep me off my feet next time he passed through London for a couple of nights! He knows that since we were last together, several years ago, i met my partner and had a baby, so it was pretty arrogant of him to think I would mess with that. (also, i'm not sure he could even pick me out of a lineup these days, since the body I have now bears no resemblence to the one I had then!)


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