Monday, January 22, 2007

I came to here via Jenny at mamadrama, and thought I'd throw my door's hat into the ring. As twere. I have a bad relationship with my house. We don't get on. It's pretty mutual. I blame it for a lot of stuff thats going wrong elsewhere in my life. Thought it only fair to let it have its say.

So, here's the view from my front door. Tatty huh?
See how on the right is a privet hedge? see how on the left there's a bunch of mangled twigs?
I just popped out the with the secateurs to trim the 'passage' so we didn't get poked in the eye during our comings and goings, and so evil spiders didn't have any extra encouragement to web the divide then perch expectantly at mouth height those mornings I leave for the 5.45 train.
It's no secret that I am unfond of this hedge. While, granted it affords us privacy in our front room without having to resort to windowdressing, it is not the smart, dark green kind of privet enjoyed by my neighbours to either side. it is yellow. more or less yellow. you could stare at it for hours (believe me) and still not be sure of its colour. other than that it has somehow fails to commit itself to hue.
So, I popped out for a five minutes trim, but somehow my brain skipped off to happier pastures. Before I knew it I was left with the skeleton you see before you. classy, huh? (during my boiut of snipping maddness, a new neighbour walked by. it was our first encounter. I have some hedge cutters you'd be welcome to borrow, he ventured. Oh no thanks, I'm fine, strained the crazy lady from amid the pile of crooked broken privet bones. Needless to say I have not seen him since.)
If that white van weren't there you could see the wall of the house diagonally opposite which blew down in the storm yesterday.
Also, you see those two parallel black metal supports? this is an old house with an ironwork canopy over the front door. between those poles are supposed to be decorative twirly bits but the people here before them took them out!!!(there are also the remains of the iron railings buried deep within the privet). We recently had a quote to restore the railing, gate, canopy, to be more in keeping with rest of our side of street (not that we look down on our canopy free neighbours opposite, you understand) but it came to around £2000 (nearly 4,000USD) so our house will continue to be more in keeping with our victorian income rather than our regency architecture.


At 10:39 am, January 22, 2007, Blogger The very nice man said...

Hello, fellow Brit! Nice to know there is someone nearby and I do like your picture.
I also loved your beach pictures. It reminded me of the beach near Bournemouth. I'd love to hear more about you (you can email me - see my blogsite) if that doesn't sound too weird to you. It's just that there are not many bloggers from England that I visit.

At 11:00 am, January 22, 2007, Blogger dodo said...

Thanks for the comment, Bucks. Welcome!
What was intriguing about the beach, is that we saw it and thought wow - look at that sand! look at the shells! but, in contrast, the americans we met there were saying wow - look at the dunes! all the available postcards had pictures of the grassy banks, rather than our usual sea/sand shots. Interesting, huh?
Best, Glos

At 1:23 pm, January 22, 2007, Blogger Beccy said...

A view I understand! I've been very jealous seeing all these snow, porch and scenic views. And you love marmite (I guess) me too, you can only buy little jars in Ireland so I have to stock up when I visit the UK.

At 2:03 pm, January 22, 2007, Anonymous Jenny said...

Don't tell anyone, but the pretty green bush growing right ouside my front door?


Our secret, huh?

At 2:05 pm, January 22, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello there, I'm following all the links around. I like your view, and I enjoyed your story! The thing with the clippers sounds very much like something I'd be prone to do.

At 2:22 pm, January 22, 2007, Blogger Mert said...

I feel you pain regarding your house. My house is a money grubbing curmudgeon. It's never enough, she always wants more;O)

Great picture, though!Thanks for stopping by mine.

At 3:43 pm, January 22, 2007, Blogger Pamela said...

Loved your inch by inch commentary h a h ha ha.

.... I think of all the time you don't have to spend mowing and planting flowers in your yard...

At 6:30 pm, January 22, 2007, Anonymous Vicki said...

I like your view. Your neighbor thinks your nuts. I like that.

I have your link up at my page to lead fellow Your View Posters to you. It didn't work right at first but I fixed you and now your linked good and proper!

Thanks for taking picture. This has been fun.

At 7:11 pm, January 22, 2007, Anonymous Karmyn said...

I love that bush!!!! Looks like the bushes in my backyard too - but it wasn't me or my husband this time, but our neighbor. He asked, "Care if I trim these hedges?" We said, "Sure". Now they are knee height. I feel a little exposed.

At 9:44 pm, January 22, 2007, Blogger Shauna said...

The skeleton will leaf out again, I'm sure. . .

Think I would do a little at a time at the restoration. . .Wow! Quite a chunk! It's really neat to see the different parts of the world and their front door views!

Thanks for sharing - I enjoyed your view!

At 11:41 pm, January 22, 2007, Anonymous Willowtree said...

Boy, I certainly understand your comment about not getting along with your house, we even had a clairvoyant tell us that there was a corner in our house that was draining our energy, and she was right.

The thing about a view like that is that if you eventually leave, you really appreciate your next place.

Ah privet, the Pommie revenge! (I'm an Aussie) that stuff is nasty!

Oh, and while were telling secrets...I prefer Marmite to Vegemite, but I beg you not to tell anyone, I'd be an outcast.

At 5:50 am, January 23, 2007, Anonymous swampwitch said...

Marmite and Vegemite...couldn't help but notice DubYaT's comment. I have a couple of places like yours at my house, too. Always a project. Thanks for the view.

At 12:55 pm, January 23, 2007, Blogger Amy W said...

Glad to see the front door of some place other than the US. You may not like it, but I think it's pretty cool.

At 2:16 pm, January 23, 2007, Blogger Lisa said...

Hi there, nice to meet you Dodo! I had to laugh over your clippers incident -- I've done that before too.

At 10:21 am, January 24, 2007, Blogger The very nice man said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!
Please take part in our next "Fun Monday" posting (see my blog for details)! God bless!

At 6:28 pm, January 24, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, I'll be back again later to do some more reading when I have time. And yes CBT does work, well for me anyway. Take care.


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