Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dear USA. No, dear florida. no, dear panhandle/forgotten coast/emerald coast - you know who you are

I love you. you know i love you. i came back here, traveleld thousands of miles for you. BUT what's with the salt??

I made more cakes (i can't post pictures because this little place has the only internet access in town but no usb or blutooth for my camera (heavy laden) to talk to) with ALL Purpose flour, only to discover half and hour and a dozen gloden baked, ready to be frosted, cupcakes later, that the sticks of butter were so salty that i was exactly back where I started. I know, I know - the butter didn't SAY unsalted, but sometimes at home i use salted butter for baking if I don't have any unsalted, and I've NEVER had results like this. not only have i had to grapple with your oven, measuring temperatures in F's stead of C's, working out how much baking powder to use with the plain flour and figuring out the kitchen timer on the microwave - but you have to lumber me with extra salty salted butter. thanks.

Also, dear florida, I must complement you on Tallahassee - it's so pretty, with all those lovely oak trees and their dangly moss stuff. But after a couple of days to visit the 'city' (what IS your definition of a city anyway?) I was pleased to get back to our little stretch of beach on Indian Pass.

And a political/logistical question - why is it when we drive the few miles from our rental house in Gulf county, over to the pretty little town of Apalachicola (where P is curently in her second pottery class while I eat apple and chocolate cake and write this (I wrote your email first, Maj!)) which is in Franklin countythe quality of the road abruptly changes. just like that. at the county boundary. We go from gray, rough, bumpy and, at night, darkness, to smooth, black, white lines, yellow lines and catseyes. What's with that? May I boldly suggest it has something to do with men being in charge of budgets? perhaps you are lacking a more practical approach?

Nevertheless. Regardless. Much love,

Dodo xx


At 5:06 am, December 21, 2007, Blogger nonlineargirl said...

Very important - if you are still near Tallahassee, you must find this restaurant - Spring Creek Restaurant. I went there on my one trip to Tallahassee, a place run by fishermen, who use some of their daily catch for the restaurant. It is down some rural roads, look it up.

I found this by googling,

and also this:
33 Ben Willis Rd
Crawfordville, FL 32327
(850) 926-3751

At 10:09 am, December 21, 2007, Blogger HerImperialMajesty said...

i'm left wanting to see Tallahassee.
although it makes me, as a word, think of some sad song about someone jumping off a bridge, no?

enjoy your cake. i miss cake. my ma has baked wheat free Xmas cake, yipee

At 2:38 pm, January 04, 2008, Anonymous anastasia beaverhausen said... has to say unsalted butter in order for there to be no salt. Otherwise it just says "creamery butter". I remember the first time I got that mixed up. Yuck!

At 7:19 pm, January 08, 2008, Blogger lildb said...

GOD I've missed you. I mean, granted, you've posted here on occasion, but I have been DITHERY inside my skull for various shite-y reasons, and had assumed you wouldn't have access like last year's trip, so I've just bided my time, all plucky and whatnot, and here you are. Posting away in Fla.


At 9:16 pm, January 11, 2008, Blogger Lisa said...

By now you might be home... But I hope you all had fun in Florida.


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