Tuesday, November 21, 2006

curiously, a new sensation. and. even more curiously, a competition

very very small and tired voice. very very tired little eyes.

I made it. but i missed my deadline. but it was a fake deadline. I almost made it. but then my boss decided to look at it. so, we didn't go to press this afternoon. but. she liked it. she said it was interesting. actually interesting. she only changed one of my headlines. made a few little changes - so i would get to learn "her preferences".

I'm so relieved.

the whole thing is just shy of 50k words, which i've researched and written from scratch in six weeks of three days per week (with a couple of weekends thrown in for free).

and this woman, she's really really smart. i've been lucky to have bosses in the past who were well respected and knew an enormous amount of stuff, but different stuff than me, so the relationship was always about me advising them, helping them. she's the first boss i ever had who has massive knowledge and expertise in a similar field to my own. working for her is scary because non of bosses before were really able to challenge me. they could disagree with me, sure, but they had difference frames of reference (and, obviously, i was always right!). but this one? she could kick my arse down the street with half a precision sentence. I don't want to kick anyone's arse, but I want that sparrowhawk precision.

I'm of to Maj's house for a glass of something before I plough through this pile of proofs again. I really want to impress my boss.

p.s. then I'm going on holiday. for two whole weeks! year end really snuk up on us at chez dodo, and its a case of use it or lose it when it comes to vacation days. we're going transatlantic to florida. Any non theme park, non city stuff suitable for two tired, dysfunctional 34 year olds and one small inquisitive person would be very welcome. (since we've done no planning. none. we booked the cheapest flights we could find on sunday night, which happen to land in tallahassee, and that's it) we want to sleep long, walk slow and eat plenty. Will send postcards, actual postcards in the mail, to providers of best suggestions (whether we're able to go to the place mentioned or not)


At 5:13 am, November 22, 2006, Anonymous wordgirl said...

I miss writing for money. I'm looking forward to doing it again soon. Sound like you have a neat boss.

At 8:00 am, November 24, 2006, Blogger Andrea said...

funny funny! I like your tired tired eyes. And yet you still found time to write for us to read about it. :) (Redroller here)


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