Sunday, November 12, 2006

yesterday ended much better than it started. although today I still feel a little too far away from the world, and worrying about the new project i have going on at work is makign it worse. or maybe one is causing the other. anyway.

we had friends over last night. not old friends, we've only known them a couple of years. but people with whom we have enough in common to feel really comfortable with, and sufficiently different ways of thinking to keep everything interesting. We've been camping together a couple of times, and eaten together a fair bit. They have a daughter a bit older than ours. Unlike us, they're expecting another early next year.(the thing that's most unlike us is that they've known each other almost all their lives, and were sweethearts since their teens, where as you can work out how long we've been together with the following equation: Age of Child + 9 months + 4 months + some beer)(= 2 mortages +100 mile house move)

anyway. we were talking about all sorts. including cunning new devices our children have come up with in recent weeks to get out of complying with whatever we want them to do.

Our latest is getting her imaginery friend to contradict all our instructions "but Lilly May says I don't have to!" etc etc. This led to each of us talkign abotu the imaginery friends of friends or sibling etc. WHen it got to my turn I had to confess that, while i'd never had an imaginery friend, I had had an imaginery audience. I used to pretend i was gving school assemblies on some topic or other. that I was parading art projects or singing something. Except that the teachers, who would normally stand around the edges and at the end of the leg folded rows of children, instead of listening, would all be talking to each other. whispering in that special silent teacher whisper way, among themselves. I don't remember what my classmates were doing. Needless to say, much teasing ensued about my inability to control even the fruits of my imagination, let alone the real life show and tell i'm trying to pull off in the day job. But still, the day ended much better than it began. Dinner was a success - the oven decided it would be a fan oven after all, and nobody seemed to mind that desert was out of a box (which i know always bothers me more and other people likely don't even notice). It was warming to be with people who didn't really expect anything of me. Who didn't ask why I wasn't myself, or if I was ok, but who gently brought me along a few paces towards the fireside.


At 2:42 pm, November 12, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lily mae was almost the name of our new puppy! I kid you not!!


At 3:07 pm, November 12, 2006, Blogger dodo said...

i don't thin kour version is nearly so cute as yours! (althoguh likely fewer paw prints)

At 12:13 pm, November 13, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think maybe Lilly May should come and stop with Auntie M in the house with no stairs for a wee while.


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