Monday, February 05, 2007


Enough of this. Enough of me moaning on for the last lord knows how many posts.

Need to post a positive for every negative below.

1. We just came back from a lovely weekend with very good friends. Their 4 year old and our 3 year old played absolutely beautifully together. They were kind to each other and polite and funny and helped us to have a relaxing time.

2. My relationship is not doomed. He has started going to some form of counselling to poke at his communication issues - not sure on details, will have to wait til he's ready to tell me about it. or not. whatever.

3. On tuesday I went to see cabaret with two of my very specials. and we had dinner beforehand. in an actual restaurant. with grown ups. The show was not fantastic, but it was interesting and led to adult conversations about the choices made by the choreographer and director and costume designer. It led to reminiscing about a production two of us were in many years ago. Then I stayed over at Maj's house, tea was drunk on a sofa.

4. we have new stair carpet. YEAH!!!!! the one we inherited with the house was a deep purpley red which had seen better days and, as the hall enjoys little natural light, had a way of sucking the life out of the House as soon as you step in the front door.

5. that same staircarpet mentioned above, was bought on the last day of a sale so was 70% reduced!

6. this is hard!(but am still trying)


8. I am slowly almost getting to grips with the ipod video thing that santa brought me. though have yet to make itunes software behave. am led to believe its some kind of punishment for those of us who dare not to have macs.

9. the lovely handcream that another of my specials bought me for christmas is still awesome and helping to soothe the bits at the edges of my nails that i pick at endlessly.

10. there was a spot free at daycare this afternoon so that she can have an extra couple of hours playing while I do the boring chores so that when I pick her up we can play whatever she wants.


(*added later

11. I found a new blog that made me laugh. thankyou, blogosphere)


At 2:06 pm, February 05, 2007, Blogger The very nice man said...

Brilliant!! I laughed a lot about the lustfinger!
See . . feeling better now! Right??

At 3:13 pm, February 05, 2007, Blogger dodo said...

hmm. i wondered about putting a caption for the lustfinger. sadly it's not mine, but Maj's. I'm sure she'd have posted about it herself, but she's had serious conenctions gremlins so has been unable to play on her blog despite very exciting and sparkly new laptop

At 3:45 pm, February 05, 2007, Blogger The very nice man said...

Aha! And I was going to ask you if the lustfinger actually worked . . and what was wrong with normal fingers??

At 4:20 pm, February 05, 2007, Blogger dodo said...

Maj was working in germany recently and saw them in vending machines in numerous public toilets.

this one has not been used.

I thought it best to reiterate that fact at this point.

We took a picture. We put it back in box.

I don't know what it's made of but it feels pretty revolting.

continuing to speculate in this comments section will result in the "nice" being removed from your moniker!

At 5:56 pm, February 05, 2007, Blogger Slackermommy said...

#7 is quite interesting! Trying to be positive myself. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the link.

At 7:31 pm, February 05, 2007, Blogger Lisa said...

Yes, slacker mom is great!

And so cool about getting some grown up time with friends. And a good weekend can make everything better. yeay you.

At 4:28 am, February 06, 2007, Blogger Red Rollerskate said...

Good post. Sorry i haven't stopped by. i have missed this. :)

At 11:39 am, February 08, 2007, Blogger HerImperialMajesty said...

i have to say, the Lust Finger (great when pronounced mit German inflection) has been worth the 2 Euros as a talking point. i too would like to reiterate that it is and will remain UNUSED.


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