Monday, March 05, 2007

ooooooohhhhhh, eeeeeeeeeekkkkk, criiiiiiiiiiiinge

we interupt this post to bring you [and, apologies in advance] ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod

I just had an email from one of my former (as of last week) co-office dwellers. It seems one of my colleagues, with whom I enjoyed regular emailic banter, has forgotten that I don't work there any more. In one sense this is understandable because we have never met. He's based in one of the company's offices in the north east US. So, it's not like he's been walking past an empty desk these last days. But it may have come as a hint when I told him I was finished there and gave him my hotmail address. Perhaps this would have been an indication? I mean, the guy has a couple of PhD's for crissakes. Unless perhaps he's one of those people who gets off on knowing that my ex ex boss, the control freaky, emotional rollercoaster, crasher of her computer watching too many pussy cat falling off back of chair mpegs, holder of grudges, non speaker to those perceived to have done her wrong even though they sit next to her - perhaps he gets off on knowing that she and she alone now has access to my former Outlook Inbox, perhaps that's why he's sent me a couple of 'posthumous' (post-humorous?) emails in which he entirely trashes her professionalism, character, personal characteristics etc etc etc

Here's hoping I never need a reference from her!

And I never even got to read them.


At 2:57 pm, March 06, 2007, Blogger HerImperialMajesty said...

ha ha. still funny
i've resent you the same thing that i too doofus brain, sent to your old account. still it was probably far too low brow to get anyone knickers in a twist. more tales of my coffee spillage, etc.

i know at present you are v. upbeat but i came across this and thought that i must file it away for days when all the clouds cover the sun and all my karma has undone:
i can change.
i can live out my imagination instead of my memory.

i can tie myself to my limitless potential instead of my limited past.
Stephen Covey.

hasta luego chica

At 5:59 pm, March 06, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh dear-- well, perhaps it will be bracing for her, you know, a sharp refereshing slam in the face!

and, of course, let's hope you never need a reference from her--


At 11:43 pm, March 06, 2007, Blogger debbie said...

how'd you find out what he wrote? did the old asshat boss broadcast it to the remaining employees?

what an asshat.

At 4:59 am, March 07, 2007, Anonymous wordgirl said...

Let's hope that no one makes the connection and goes about their business. You've got enough going on already!

At 4:59 am, March 07, 2007, Anonymous wordgirl said...

Let's hope that no one makes the connection and goes about their business. You've got enough going on already!

At 11:26 am, March 07, 2007, Blogger dodo said...

the colleague who let me know about the rogue email told me this morning that there had been a mighty song and dance and broadcasting, but that, E being the person she is, has had at least a half dozen other 'crises' since then, so I seriously doubt there'll be any repercussions.

there is still the whole reference thing though. although strictly I guess a reference would come from the director, who sadly has also been laid off.

At 4:54 am, March 29, 2007, Blogger Andrea said...

Oh my - can you make him send them to you? Would make such a good post.


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