Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bursting with pride at the wrong answer.

This weekend we were in a restaurant having lunch with friends. To entertain our 3 and their 4 year old, while waiting for the pizzas they ‘built’ themselves to return from the oven, my friends husband introduced the kids to ‘hangman,’ drawn on the back of the colouring sheet they’d been provided.

Their little boy took to it immediately and I was hoping that P would catch on from watching him. When it was her turn, she started calling out letters to fill her three-letter word challenge. She called them out randomly until she achieved the first two ‘d’ and ‘o’. After a few more guesses, not clicking to the idea that a specific third was sought to complete ‘dog,’ she got disheartened and her attention began to wander.

In an attempt to re-engage her, my friends husband started to sound out the letters and get her to recognise the sound of the beginning of the word and thus realise she needed to add the ‘g.’

Him: “So, you’ve got d . . .(pronouncing phonetically) and o . .(pronouncing phonetically). . put them together and you get do . . .(pronounced as closely as its possible to get to saying dog without sticking the ‘g’ on the end) doooooooooo . . . . .?”

Her: “Do!”



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