Friday, December 22, 2006

Yes? And you are?

This is Ken. [aside: She's a girl. Short for Kilkenny. She's 11. One lung. Heart in wrong place. quacks.] Ken has always been sensitive of stomach and regularly throws back her food before it's even semi digested.
Almost always she does this on the wooden floor or kitchen lino of the various places she and I have lived over the last decade or so. We've hardly ever fallen out over it.

After I cleaned the carpet in front of the fire last week she has proper puked on it three times. Three.

The thing is. This week I scored a major triumph over the snooty 'sales' (although I seriously doubt they call themselves that) 'people' (And I have trouble with this term) people in Laura Ashley home furnishings by getting them to admit they'd messed me around when I tried to reserve soemthing in their christmas sale, having already bought one or two other things. I am now the proud owner of a new hall runner. it actually matches the paintwork. this is a first for me - having actual coordinated decorative items. it's a big deal. all grown up and wotnot. And in the sale. And with an extra reduction. People will write songs about it.

So. Ken and I have been having a little chat. She is not amused.

Elsewhere. And I really hardly have the energy to go into the why's and wherefors. but suffice to use the following references:

Mother in Law





Control Freak



There. you get the picture.

More importantly and with extra added tassels - new hat for the offspring:

And walking her grandpa's dog last week. (dog v old and arthritic otherwise clearly would not let her have sole responsibility for lead - fret not)

There's a bunch of other stuff going on. work is looking very much like it won't be work any more. I haven't begun to process how I feel about it. This week has been horrible, as people who would ordinarily have been saying, bye, see you in the new year, were just saying bye. Sucky time of year to be doing this to people. The goodbyes have included the one good friend I'd made since joining, although she's already got a great new position (just as well since she gets married in january). My boss is staying on til February. It makes me really tired to think about it.

I'm not working between christmas and new year. HURAAAHHHHHH. so will try to get round and read what you've been up to in the last month. Might have some lovely beach pictures, too, to warm up thoe of us in northerner northern hemisphere, if I can only get the camera working again and willing to talk to the pc.

May your reindeers be snuggly and bright.

And may the fan in your oven be consistent (because that's a whole other story.) (along with the one about me running out to buy a new freezer yesterday)(rolls eyes. opens and closes mouth soundlessly. raises hands in despair. grimaces apologetically)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Baghdad Burning is being serialised on Radio 4's Womans Hour every morning this week.

"A young Iraqi woman’s first-hand account of life in Baghdad as it is lived now. Riverbend, whose real name and that of her family are concealed for security reasons, worked as a software engineer prior to the occupation of Iraq and has been keeping her internet blog for the past three years. A collection of her writing has been published and her blog is accessed by thousands of readers worldwide. Baghdad Burning is dramatised by John Fletcher."

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Amazing how fast you can you lose the relaxed post vacation pre Christmas feeling when you arrive at work to an announcement that 1/3 company being sold, your department to be slashed by 80% and your new boss, your new now-i-report-direct-to-the-director boss has been given order of boot.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

i can't believe all you people who kept posteing on your blogs while I was away. just back from glorious (apart from scary fishing blokes)(not actually scary, just other worldly) panhandle land, they've gonet to retrieve cats from luxury holiday chalets so checked work email - 167 - not too bad. but look how writey you've been. you and the writing of the posts in the blogs! and here I am - can't rememer the last tiem I brushed my teeth. 100 mile car journey after the no sleeping night flight (offspring slept all cosy in her persquiddle softness of T). three pm in afternoon chez us but dark already. and of course the rain and theg reyness. and now the blog mountain.

will sleeeeep. will post pictures of shells bigger than human head. tales of emergency room, 105 fevers etc.

did miss you all a bit.



post quietly.

and smallish.

and make brain stop singing the theme from Handy Manny . . . . .

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