Monday, March 26, 2007

will try to wriggle into my coherent pants tomorrow

Very very sleepy. Been 'away.' Loads of stuff to tell about job hunting and job getting and ungrateful bitch not wanting the jobs she is getting because the claws of stay-at-homeness were starting to bite, but so were the claws of big dark D-ness of the stay at home brain. there's been so very much puking and shitting since last we met. not mine, but P's. and the nappies full of water and blood and lord knows what. and the tramping to the doctor and back again. and furniture has been bought and indian pass christmas holidays have almost been booked and furniture has been bought. and make up has been worn. i wore make up today for first time in easily over a year. because i went to a client meeting at my new job today, even though i'm not due to strt until next week. and i'll likely have to go again on thursday. even though I didn't want to start yet. but the deadlines on the first project they've given me are ridiculously tight. and of course i want to make a good impression. but i so feel like, here we go, back on the treadmill again - i was in danger of becoming relaxed, so lets crank up the stress and the travel. (oh yes, and the income)(i'm going to make reasonable money out of this for all kind of family treats so should really just shut the fuck up whining). memes have been missed and questions not answered. and thankyou thankyou to all of you who posted such supportive comments after my last post.


At 4:29 am, March 27, 2007, Blogger lildb said...

will you be my best friend, please?

also, !!! congrats on the new job. yes, thank you, with the ladling out of more information immediately. grassy ass.


At 4:45 am, March 29, 2007, Blogger Andrea said...

Congrats and... sorry.
I keep imagining going back to work and imagine it fully sucking.


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