Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Meme a licious

Tagged by Blue Poppy of my borrowed view

Seven random facts coming up

1. I have under £20 (40USD) in my account. I wish the people who put me at this new desk would get a move on and pay me.
2. I have never learned to drive.
3. When i was 9/10/11 every night in bed i could scrape my teeth with a toothpick. collect the little balls of accumulated yellow/white stuff and stick them to the inside lip of my bedside light at equidistant intervals. by the time the whole circle was full, the first ones would have dried up and dropped off.
4. I once modelled in a 'downmarket' lingerie catalogue. The christmas special.
5. We got a new staircarpet in january. I have yet to vacuum it. all the corners are full of cat hair.
6. I love musicals. rogers and hammerstein, kander and ebb, even ALW et al. when i was a teen i could recite the entirety of every show in the West End.
7. I love love love sudoko puzles. espeically the "fiendish" category. I have a book by the toilet in the bathroom. another by the downstairs loo and one in my handbag.

And here's another picture of Rose, trying to be like this dog of recent Schmutzie fame

If there's anyone in the universe who hasn't been tagged for this yet, a) i'd be very surprised, and b) tag!


At 11:24 am, May 23, 2007, Blogger Beccy said...

My stair carpet is in a similar state! My vacumn broke and that's the only carpet with have so I just haven't bothered getting it fixed!

At 11:54 am, May 23, 2007, Blogger HerImperialMajesty said...

i have circumnavigated the problem by a) not having stairs
b) giving the dust bunnies on the laminates names

At 2:17 pm, May 24, 2007, Anonymous Alys said...

I too hate hoovering the stairs!

And most intrigued by the modelling....

At 7:03 pm, May 24, 2007, Blogger dodo said...

alys - it was an early artisitc manifestation of OCD


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