Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Revelation and a Niggle

You may not know this, but that pink syrup we use to make strawberry milkshakes? is remarkably effective at turning a yellow dog pink. really. you can hose it down in the garden as many times as you like, but you'll still have a pink dog.

Moving to the nigglesome. So I have this neurology appointment tomorrow. and not just any old consultant, it turns out. the one who wrote the book. a bunch of books in fact. the ones that doctors use to learn about neurology. My neighbour, a high regarded consultant in a different field of medicine, couldn't hide her admiration of him. He's "very posh," apparently. With "a very large brain. enormous brain." great. but i was pleaseder when she added, "and he's lovely." because the last neurologist i saw, at a famous london hospital, was an arse.

So this appointment is 3.20 tomorrow (friday) pm. At no stage since getting this appointment has the man of the house offered to come with me.

He usually finishes at 4 on a friday, and it's pretty near his office, so its not as if it would massively have interfered with his day.

A very good friend of mine, someone whose opinion or reassurance i regularly seek, asked why I hadn't asked him to come. I don't want to have to ask him. "you're both as bad as each other," she chided. How?

Even Maj, my most special, said of the appointment this morning "and you're still not including him?"

I would always offer to go to hospital with someone I knew. not just for support but for company, since you always end up waiting forever. I've sat in a corridor for a neighbour getting a mammogram, a friend getting a smear, held coats for another mum with a toddler at a hearing test and an old room mate having a pregnancy terminated.

Why are two of the people I respect most making out like i'm actively excluding S ?

Should I really have to invite him to support me?


At 4:19 pm, May 24, 2007, Anonymous Stephanie said...

OH, honey, this is about YOU, not about THEM! Do what's right for YOU!!

At 12:58 pm, May 25, 2007, Blogger HerImperialMajesty said...

i wasn't telling you to include him, i was surprised given the fast track appointment that he didn't say 'what time? Can i drop you? do you want me to come?' or any of the stuff that i would've imagined.
i don't think you should have to beg for support in any respect and that's not what i meant at all. my poor phraseology comes from once again being broadly excluded from all things to do with my dad until after the fact or the day of the fact, which makes me feel useless.
as i am in terms of not holding your bag and keeping up mindless drivel today in hospital corridors with you.

At 2:52 pm, May 25, 2007, Anonymous lildb said...

wish I could go since maj can't.

is it too late to ask him? even though it means a fight later (or it would in my world, anyway) - or maybe a fight sooner?

b/c wouldn't it be better to have him there regardless of the flagrant violation of the code of obviousness (i.e. he should TOTALLY know he's just supposed to go)?

xoxo either way. I'll be thinking about you, even though I think you may be at the appt right this minute, given our time difference issues.


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