Thursday, March 29, 2007


Some pesky Portland person (no - not that one, this one) has tagged me for the Real Moms meme. I've been pretty slack on the tags recently, but since P has just gone for a semi-enforced nap, I'll give it a go.

One of the best responses to this that i've seen is over at House of Slack (now with extra added bonus pink stripeyness) and Nonlinear Girls "real moms ask for help" I think is absolutely on the money.

Maybe real mums (can't really carry on with the 'mom' thing, it makes my mouth go a funny shape!) can admit they don't want to spend every waking moment with their kids. maybe they can admit they do. Maybe they can admit that they don't really want to go back to work, despite all their pre delivery claims to the contrary. that they can't be fulfilled without a career and financial independence. Maybe real mums tear their hair out over these questions. Maybe they tear their hearts.

Real mums make unsung compromises that they know may well get thrown back in their faces in a day or two. year or two.

Real mums buy a dozen pairs of identical black work socks for their man to eliminate the impossible post laundry pairing conundrum.

Real mums 'dust' their appliances and woodwork with wet wipes and wonder how they ever lived without them.

Real mums take a notebook out of their handbag at a client meeting and cracker crumbs cascade to the expensive carpet.

And they sing the theme from Handy Manny on escalators.

And they don't exactly remember when they last combed their hair.

And they'll take a tissue to any green nose slime within reach - regardless of whose kid it's attached to.

Real mums stay up late sewing sparkly fish to stitch to a tee shirt for seaside dressing up day at nursery. And then forget to dress the kid in it the next morning.

Real mums forgive their other real mum friends for buying their son a 3 feet high inflatable dinosaur. (Really Alys, truly they do)(You can stop plotting your revenge now. It's what a 'real' mum does!)


At 12:43 am, April 01, 2007, Blogger Slackermommy said...

Excellent! I also could not live without wet wipes. 101 uses I tell ya!

At 1:21 pm, April 02, 2007, Blogger HerImperialMajesty said...

I'm always at home to Mister Dinosaur. and i think drum kits are an excellent present. why they don't even require batteries...
As a non-mummy however, my thoughts probably count for nowt and you're just fighting a compulsion to wipe my nose with a wet wipe.

At 10:58 am, April 03, 2007, Anonymous Alys said...

I may forgive!!! I feel bad that I was blaming the godfather for the gift thinking it was the sort of thing P's godfather would also buy.... Anyway too busy with making easter eggs to plot too much.

At 8:46 pm, April 12, 2007, Blogger nonlineargirl said...

Now that was a good response. (Too bad for you, now that I know what a good sport you are, I can't promise not to pounce again!)

One question, what is this "dusting" you write about?


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