Monday, April 23, 2007

Yin and Yang. Yak and Yap.

I realised I was about to start my week with a yrrrrrrr through gritted teeth, so, instead, here's a picture of some lovely legs
Fuzzy on account of it being an evening last week and being taken with my phone, however, the finely turned ankles in the foreground are those of Maj
The hairy, but no less well turned are those of S - he with whom i share all the trappings of adulthood - debt, damp, dog, disappearing waistline. Oh, and P.

But now for my grrrrrrrrrrrr.

We recently bought a pair of new sofas. being the kind of people who have priorities other than filling their home with swanky (however lovely and aspirational) designer items, we shopped around until we found a bargainishous deal at a little independent shop near S parent's home. A lady, Mrs G, who has a deal with big name stores to take the 'seconds', furniture used in photoshoots, tv ads, tv shows, showrooms, etc etc. not used, but not new. It's a hit and miss kind of place, and we went several times before we saw a pair that suited us. I'm really pleased with them and their feather cushionyness. I'm even more pleased since i discovered that in the store they were designed for, their brothers and sisters are selling for upwards of £1000 ($2000 USD) each.

Now. S has a Big Shot big brother with a Big Shot wife. Both directors of a Big Shot firm. They have 2 young sons. They have a big new house which is currently undergoing major renovation work (because, really, the first thing anybody would do on buying a beautiful 1930's detached house with all the original features miraculously intact, would be to gut that puppy, strip out all its character and fill it with white, sharp edged, modern everything. goes without saying)

And I'm finally getting to my point here, honestly.

This weekend we've had S's Dad staying with us. He had seen BSB the previous week and mentioned to him that we'd got some new sofas and where they'd come from

BSB: "Ha Ha, I'm spending so much money on my house that I'll end up getting all my furniture from Mrs G, too, if I'm not careful!"


*this term may well be TM'd and is used here without owner's express permission


At 9:28 am, April 24, 2007, Blogger HerImperialMajesty said...

a few comments:
Re the picture of my legs and S's legs.
wow, no wonder your hound kept chewing my slippers, they're completely disgusting and must be relegated to a dustbin. and to think i went up the street in them to buy beer! what was i thinking.
also, must not slouch as look v. fat in background, rather than lissome and summerified.
also, s's brother and appendages are broadly pointless so their opinions don't count!

At 3:50 pm, April 24, 2007, Anonymous Alys said...

Nice to see the woolly trousers are still alive and kicking.

Ignore BSB - he has to have some joy in his life, look at who he lives with...............


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